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Note to self (Divmod Combinator paths) - c y l i

Ying Li
Date: 2006-05-19 10:23
Subject: Note to self (Divmod Combinator paths)
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As a note to myself, since I start and give up on projects all the time (sometimes in the same day):

If you've added a project to your combinator path using chbranch, you can remove it by going into the ~/Projects/combinator_paths directory and removing ProjectName.bch. Combinator should happily forget about that project. (Thank you JP. :D)

So, in regards to my previous post on setting up Twisted/Divmod development on a Windows machine, TwistedEmacs has now moved into the Twisted/trunk/emacs. Changing stuff around was pretty simple: edit the .emacs file so that it has
(load-file "C:\\Projects\\Twisted\\trunk\\emacs\\twisted-dev.el")
(Again, your .emacs file is probably in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\)

Problem is that if you try to them remove the TwistedEmacs directory, Combinator gets unhappy. Hence the removing TwistedEmacs from combinator paths.
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